Korean for Little Ones

reinforcing Korean language in a way that is fun and supportive for the entire family regardless of speech “level” or each member’s Korean identity


Before becoming a mom, I spent nearly a decade illustrating and designing for corporate apparel brands. You may have seen my work on your Hollister t-shirt or your nephew’s Gymboree pajamas.

Eventually, I began freelancing and lending my skills to a wider range of clients like Edition Hotels and Glow Recipe. I might have drawn on your Stuart Weitzman shoes or personalized artwork for you at Cartier.

Pregnant in Seoul! Mom & Dad's first trip to Korea.

I was born in Seoul and adopted when I was three months old. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to Korean culture (or, really any Asian culture for that matter.)

In college, I spent nine months in Seoul at EWHA Women’s University. I made lifelong friends and travel to Korea often. My parents came with me on my most recent trip. Being part of their first experience in my birth country (while I was pregnant!) was incredibly special.

Exposing my son to Korean was important from the beginning. But, the more I tried to find resources, the more frustrated I became. What little I could find was mostly for native speakers (and usually included an expensive import mark-up.)

The goal of Tigerboom is to help build language in a way you can feel comfortable regardless of your “level” or how you identify as a Korean. I’ve learned, being “Korean” means something different to everyone.