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Like many others, when I watched Amanda Gorman deliver her work The Hill We Climb, I was moved. I found the core of her message so important, incredible, and impactful. After learning more about her, I continued to be inspired and impressed.

It made me reflect about the people I could look up to when I was younger. I wish there were more Amanda Gorman’s for me to have as role models when I was a kid. It got me thinking more about what inspirational individuals.

I really want my son to see and be inspired by all the different types of ways we can contribute to our world and inspire each other. And, I wanted to emphasize for him that there are so many ways to share our spark. Although I thought it might be too heavy for his age, it got me thinking about how to express these ideas in Korean.

Luckily, many of you have connected with me offering Korean Language advice and help. With some assistance, I was able to make these “inspiring” coloring pages. The Korean phrases aren’t direct translations, but I hope the explanations make it a little clearer. In light of recent events, I felt it was imperative to help our youngest citizens learn how to be inspired, inspire each other, and lift their voices. So, I’ve made all four of these printables free and accessible to everyone, not just subscribers.

Print & Download The “Inspiring” Coloring Pages

[ Focused | Determined | Creative | Inspiring ]


집중하기 jib-jung-ha-gi

Focused, Direct translation: Concentrating

포기하지 않기 po-gi-ha-ji anh-gi

Determined, Resilient, Persistent, Direct translation: Not giving up

자유롭게 생각하기 ja-yu-lob-ge saeng-gag-ha-gi

Creative, Direct translation: Freely thinking

영감을 주기 yeong-gam-eul ju-gi

Inspiring, Direct translation: Giving inspiration

I hope this inspires you and your little ones. Thanks so much for reading!

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