Year of the Dragon Printables (2024)

Each year I make the printables for 설날 Seollal, or Lunar New Year, I always feel like I just finished making them for the previous year. Time flies! But, each time, I have so much fun coming up with cute activities and this set was no exception.

용띠 (Yong•Ddi)

Also according to the Lunar zodiac, those born in the Year of the Dragon aka 용띠 (yong•ddi), have specific personality characteristics. They're confident, natural leaders, and outgoing. You can find some terms for their 성격 (seong •gyeog), or personality, in one of this year's printables!

2024 rings in the Year of the (Wood) Dragon. Supposedly, this year will bring abundance and prosperity -- and will also be a great time for evolution and new beginnings. Sounds good to me!

Tiled gallery of fun Seollal Lunar New Year printables.

2024 Year of the Dragon Printables

This year's set include a couple of coloring sheets, a matching page, a how-to draw page, and a foldable greeting card (perfect for sharing with family and friends.)

2024 Seollal Year of the Dragon Seollal Matching  2024 Seollal Card How to Draw a Dragon


Thank you & Happy New Year!

감사합니다 (gam•sa•ham•ni•da) thank you to everyone who has hung around while I've been here and there. Our growing family has taught me many lessons, one of the main ones being I can't "do it all" to the level I like. As things continue to shift and grow, I'm figuring out how to give attention to all I have planned for Tigerboom and Cadamini Books. I hope to share it all with you soon. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!


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