Playdough Activity Pages

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, I’ve been sharing a bunch of Caregiver Corner phrases related to playing with play dough. Play is one of the best times to incorporate a second (or minority) language. Instead of making the focal point of the activity “learning language,” you can seamlessly integrate phrases and words into the fun.

Play dough is a favorite toy in our house. I particularly love it because I feel it encourages creative thinking alongside fine motor growth. But, another thing that makes it great is how much Korean I can use alongside our play time. Especially as someone who isn’t fluent, talking about basic colors, shapes, and numbers comes a lot more easily. It’s vocabulary that I have pretty accessible (compared to, say, taking a nature walk.)

To help you get a little more out of your play dough play, I created five coloring activity sheets. You can use them with play dough or as good old coloring pages. All five pages are free for download, just be sure to subscribe here (head to “Activity Pages”). And, definitely feel free to integrate the dough Caregiver Corner phrases.

Get The Printable Here

Subscribers have access to all five coloring pages (along with every printable ever posted, plus more.) But, if you’re not feeling it, you can download the play dough Hangul practice sheet here.

Is play dough a popular toy in your house? What are your favorite Korean phrases for working with play dough? I’d love to know. Thanks so much for reading. – Katie

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