Rainy Day Coloring Activities

The last few weeks have been a struggle for us due to stormy weather and a bit of good old-fashioned quarantining. It’s really essential to get some outside play time to really let Little Guy use up his energy, have fun, and run around. But, these days, we’ve had to find indoor solutions to keep him engaged.

My recent series of 놀이터 (no-ri-teo) Playground Phrases on Caregiver Corner were perfect for pivoting into some at home activities. Each post featured the Korean vocabulary for playground equipment and some related commonly used phrases. Here they are in one convenient location.

미끄럼틀 탈래?
mi-kkeu-reom-teul ta-llae
• Do you want to (go on) the slide?

타고 내려.
ta-go nae-ryeo
• Come down

계단으로 올라가.
gye-dan-eu-ro o-lla-ga
• Use the stairs to go up.

(올라가려면) 사다리를 이용해야!
(o-lla-ga-ryeo-myeon) sa-da-ri-reul i-yong-hae-ya
• You have to use the ladder (if you want to go up!)

친구가 탈 때까지 기다려.
chin-gu-ga tal ttae-kka-ji gi-da-ryeo
Wait until your friend is finished riding.

(이번) 마지막이야.
(i-beon) ma-ji-mag-i-ya
Last time.

친구가 기다리니까 양보하자.
chin-gu-ga gi-da-ri-ni-kka yang-bo-ha-ja
A friend is waiting, so let them have a turn.

그네를 탈래?
geu-ne ta-lle
Do you want to ride the swing?

차례(가) 기다려야지.
cha-rye-ga gi-da-ryeo-ya-ji
You have to wait your turn.

Last time.

어두워 지고 있어.
eo-du-wo ji-go iss-eo
It’s getting dark.

집에 가야 할 시간이야.
jib-e gaya hal shigan-iya
It’s time to go home.

There’s also a new item in my shop, an activity set! Each set includes an oversized (11″x17″) coloring page, a sticker sheet, and the inside of the packaging has a special caregiver card featuring some of the phrases above. While you color you’ll find lots to explore and discuss (in Korean.) I’m really excited about this set and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

If you’re looking for some instant activities, check out the three Playground printables, free to everyone!

Playground Swings
[ 8.5″ x 11″ ]
Playground Slide
[ 8.5″ x 11″ ]
Playground Spring Rocker
[ 8.5″ x 11″ ]

What are your child’s favorite things to do at the playground? Did you like today’s post? I hope you’ll connect with me or comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading! – Katie

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