Goodnight Moon 잘 자요 달님

Goodnight Moon is one of the first books we bought to supplement our English library. I really love what this does for our reading and Korean experience. Husband quickly caught on and soon commented, “Will we be buying two copies of every book now?!” ?

I’ve seen a few people ask about buying duplicate copies of books in Korean and English. Personally, I like having them because it is very helpful for my reading comprehension (as a non-fluent speaker.) But, I realize it is expensive and somewhat impractical to have two copies. So, we have done it with a few of our more popular books that get read often. For example, we would read Goodnight Moon almost every night before bedtime. I really loved having a Korean version that we could make part of our routine.

Similar to other books that are originally written in English (Brown Bear, Brown Bear & Dear Zoo) the rhythm and cadence is lost in the translation. It is not as fluid and feels a bit clunky in Korean. That said, my son enjoys listening to it and he will often choose to read it over the English edition. That said, I think I have definitely shifted more toward finding Korean books versus translations when I look for new books.

We got our copy of the Korean edition on Amazon. But, since it is a very old and popular title, I think there might be a lot of options including second hand. (Try asking on any Korean neighborhood forums or groups.) You can check out my post about buying Korean books for more ideas.

What do you think? Do you have a lot of duplicate books? Which do you prefer?

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