Cha Cha Magazine


My little guy loves reading. A lot of times, if he goes quiet for a few minutes it’s because he went somewhere to “read” a book or two. This makes me so happy and it’s an interest I want to encourage. Having options in Korean is an added bonus since he picks those up too.

I made this because I loved the idea of having small, quick, and easy material for us to read together in Korean. As a kid, I loved getting periodicals, so I tried to make this look as realistic as possible. But, I kept it short and easy. I wanted this to be something I could make him regularly and he could look forward to getting.

Writing this in Korean was a bit of a struggle for me. Luckily, toddler-level words and phrases are easier to manage than real-life conversation. Hopefully, my language skills can continue to grow and develop alongside my son’s.

I really wanted this to be something I could share in full with you. But, making it proved more difficult than I imagined. (What’s new? ?) I’ve been researching ways of getting this printed vs hand-cutting and binding everything myself. Maybe, if there’s enough interest it can become a reality! Until then, I’ve made a few downloadable so you can take advantage of the activities.

What’s comfortable in hot temperatures?

Discuss in-season produce

Can you spot all the shapes?

I’d love to know if you’re interested in getting a copy of Cha Cha Magazine. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line. As always, if you spot any mistakes in my Korean, please let me know. I’m learning as I go. Thanks so much for your ongoing support!