Chuseok Memory Game

Chuseok is only a couple of weeks away so I wanted to make a fun game to help Little Guy learn a little more about this holiday. While I would love to take him to a samulnori performance, for now I think the most he will get to experience is a traditional treat. And, that’s not too bad! I often think of food as the universal connector. It brings people together and is easy to bond and laugh over. That seems appropriate since Chuseok is often referred to as “Korean Thanksgiving.”

Print & Color

To make this memory game, print the card page two times. You can also print the pattern on the back of the paper so the cards look nice when they are face down. (Don’t feel like double-sided printing? Draw your own design or collage with patterned paper.) Color each page to look as similar as possible (or, not! If your little one is younger, they might not be able to and that’s okay!) Cut them out. If you are feeling crafty, use an edge punch for rounded edges. I like this look and I used a 1/2″ punch since these are on the smaller side. And, you’re done!

To Play

Shuffle the cards and lay them food side down. Take turns flipping over two cards. If you make a match, move on to the next two! For younger children, you can also make this a matching game. Lay all the cards face up and have your little one make pairs. (That’s probably how we’ll play this game.) You can use the words of the food and ask, “송편 어디야?” (songpyeon eodiya) or “갈비찜 어디 있을까?” (galbijjip eodi isseulkka)

To accompany the games, I made the six foods into coloring flashcards as well as one caregiver card with Chuseok-related phrases. These are free for subscribers. Even though neither of us have Korean family or people to celebrate with, I’m really excited to introduce Little Guy to these Korean holidays and traditions. I can’t wait to see what he thinks about some of these traditional treats. Will you celebrate Chuseok?

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