Draw Your Own Ox

The last week I had a rush of creativity (hooray!) Any other creatives out there will know, this is a rare but wonderful feeling and must be capitalized on. I really wanted to have a lot of printables for you to integrate with any Seollal studies. This year will bring us into the Year of the Ox.

As a child, I always loved “1-2-3” drawing activities. I really obsessed over copying the instructions and getting it to look “just like” the example. As an adult, I realize this is sort of the opposite of the point. But, I wanted to create something easy and fun for kids to use to unleash their own creativity.

The top breaks down the basic shapes into three simple steps. You can use the instructions to work on recognizing and drawing shapes. You can also count out the shapes. Let your little ones go wild. They can color and decorate the ox any which way they like. They can draw their own ox in the blank square. This printable is available free for subscribers. (If you’re already a member, thank you and check out the member portal for this download.)

Much like the animal, people born under the Year of the Ox are said to be calm, reliable, patient, and trustworthy. (If you believe in that sort of thing.) We don’t take it seriously here, but love to read horoscopes for fun. The “띠” ddi in 소띠 (soh-ddi) refers to the zodiac sign. So, 호랑이띠 (ho-rang-I-ddi) would be Tiger Sign. Do you like following along with the zodiac? Do you find it rings true for your personality?

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