Hangul Vowels Activity Book

Looking for consonants? Try here.

It’s here!! I finally finished the vowel booklet that pairs perfectly with your consonant (Fall themed) freebie. Finding words that included the vowels was very difficult. (If you have any suggestions, please let me know for the next one! ?) So, I was unable to stick to a theme for this one. But, each letter has a word to help your little ones learn the vowels and sounds.

This was such a popular freebie for all of you and I truly hope to make many more like this. I am so honored to be a part of your child’s learning journey. Thank you for sharing your photos and stories with me.

Download the Vowel Activity Page

The 32-page booklet is available only for subscribers. (Subscribe here.) But, anyone can access my single activity page complete with writing practice and stroke order for the vowels.

How To Print Your Booklet

Instructions on printing a booklet using Adobe Acrobat (free or paid.)

Open the booklet file in Adobe Acrobat.

Choose File > Print.

Make sure you have selected 8.5″ x 11″ Letter paper.

Choose fit to page scaling.

Make sure All Pages are selected to print the entire booklet.

In the Paper Sizing & Handling section, choose Booklet.

If you have a standard at-home printer, you will most likely have to print one side first and then flip your paper and print the second side. To do this, look for the Booklet Subset menu and choose Front Side Only.


No matter how excited you are, do not take your pages out of order. Pay careful attention to the direction and orientation of your pages. If you need to, take a photo to reference.

Once all of the front side pages have printed, flip the paper and reload it into the printer.

Redo these steps but this time choose Back Side Only in the Booklet Subset.

Still need help? Here’s a video explaining the process.

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