Hangul Magnets

These are a recent addition. This set of 50 magnets was $24 on Amazon. They’re foam and backed with a thin piece of magnet. The quality seems pretty good and they feel very similar to my English alphabet set. When I took them out, a few of them had black streaks. (It seemed like a mark from the magnet. But, it was very easy to wipe off.) Some of them also had a few dents (from being squished in the bag.) But, after a few minutes, those also popped out.

This set has 50 characters which I thought would be more than enough. But, it wasn’t even enough to write “안녕” annyeong. So, these are really better suited for learning Hangul or practicing letter recognition. One of the games we are currently playing is sorting all the colors across the fridge. While my son drags the letter across to group with the other letters of the same color, I say the letter aloud and also repeat the color in Korean.

While I wish it had been a little less expensive, overall I feel it was a good purchase. There are so many ways we can play with magnet letters. We’re already using them with color sorting. We like stamping them in play dough. Over time, we can use them to spell out simple words. My son has a travel magnet box that I think these will also be great in when we are finally able to visit restaurants again. I think we will get a lot of mileage out of them.

Do you use magnet letters? How do you and your little one like to play with them?

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