Pororo Flash Cards 뽀로로 사물 한글 카드

These were part of my pre-Aladin-era purchases. I found them on Amazon for a “reasonable” price. I like that they use photographs and have big bold type. I also like that they have the words divided into categories: household items, food, things that go, animals, and (haha, my personal favorite) the Pororo characters.

As someone also learning Korean, I like looking at these with my son because I feel like I am studying, too! I would otherwise never know the vocabulary for digger. (It’s 굴착기 gulchakgi, btw.) And, I have really seen Little Guy absorb and learn the words we look at together. He will point out 배 (bae) boat every time he takes a bath. It’s been fun because my husband and my mom often check in to see if is using Korean or gibberish.

Another thing I love using these for is matching! Object to image matching is a popular Montessori activity for this age (18 months +/-) and very easy to DIY. Little Guy actually really enjoys taking these cards out and playing with them. He lines them up or flips through all of them and examines both sides. We started gathering objects around the house that so he could do this activity. Initially, I had to guide him through it very carefully. Now, he will take the cards out on his own and gather the objects from here or there and match them! The most popular pairing are the 탈 것 (tal geot) vehicles. And, it’s an added bonus when he recalls the Korean, which has been happening more and more!

Just when I start to feel defeated and wonder if I am doing enough, he surprises me and I feel encouraged to continue this effort.

Do you have a favorite flashcard set? I have seen some with sentences and I would love to add those to our collection soon. Thank you again for reading!

– Katie <3

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