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Pororo makes up about 98% of Little Guy’s screen time. The other 2% is Pink Fong, Go! Go! Cory Carson, and Daniel Tiger (when we are at cousin’s house.) Taking that into consideration, the reaction Little Guy has when he sees Pororo anywhere is unparalleled. And so, I have made some key purchases with that in mind. I got this 100 word flashcard set on Amazon for $25. Unfortunately, I discovered later that the same set is available on Aladin books for $15. Oh well, live and learn.

Anyway, the set itself is nice quality. One side of the cards has a picture and word. The other side has just the word. These do not include romanization, so if you get these plan on practicing your Hangul. The set is divided into five categories transportation 탈 것, animals 동물, food 음식, our home/household items 우리집” and my personal favorite Pororo characters. Often times, Little Guy pulls the box out to look at the pictures of the characters and laugh. He has memorized almost all of their names and still has yet to utter an 안녕 (annyeong) to me. Sigh.

I know every kid is different, but these cards are a hit for us. I leave the box where can easily access it and he spends a lot of time taking the cards out and putting them back in the box. Anything that holds his attention for 10-20 minutes is an instant win. We also use the cards to practice sorting or matching with some of his toys. Since the photos are pretty basic, it is easy to match his food toys or car toys with the cards. These types of activities have been pretty successful for us, too.

I’m sure there will be other ways we will integrate these cards into our play time. And, I am really glad we have them as part of Little Guy’s toys and learning materials. My only regret is that later I had noticed some of the cards have sentences on them. I think that will be really helpful in the future when we are moving on with language. So, if you have an older child, it might be worth looking for those specifically. Do you use flashcards? I would love to know which set you have and which you like. Thank you for reading and for your support! – Katie

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