Thankful For Your Support

This has certainly been a unique year. Amidst this unpredictable chaos, there have also been a lot of changes here at home. For example, I launched Tigerboom. I really thought this would just be a silly blog and a small distraction. But, the support and positivity I have received from the community I uncovered has astounded me.

When I catch the rare moment of down time, I’ve been reflecting on the many things I have to be thankful for. This community is definitely one of them. At least twice a week, I’ll ask my husband if I should just abandon Tigerboom. It seems like launching this in thick of a pandemic with no childcare was not ideal timing. But, he always insists I stick with it because, he says, I seem so much happier now that I have it.

After I had my son, my freelance work slowed down. When the pandemic hit NYC, jobs just stopped coming my way. I’ve heard other moms say they felt a loss of self and identity after their first. And, I think that’s what I was going through. Even though it’s stressful sometimes, having Tigerboom has added so much joy and purpose to my day. The positive energy I get from your messages and photos of your little ones is the icing on the cake.

Download Coloring Pages


This week as many of us are facing a very unconventional Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to show my thanks for all your support. I’ve made four free coloring pages based on a very special request from a cute coloring fan. (These are some of her favorite animals.) They’re available below to everyone, not just subscribers. I hope these freebies add a little cheer to your week.

Thank you!

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