Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m skeptical this is the “official” translation, but I made this to be a cute, fun, and silly activity. I loved swapping valentines in school. It was always fun seeing what designs kids chose. And, of course I loved receiving those folded cards that had a lollipop or a candy taped to it.

Even if you’re not into V-Day, hopefully you can have some coloring fun with this. Also, phrases like this were how I used to practice reading Korean when I first learned. A friend would write out different phrases that were technically just English, and if I could understand them — I was reading the Hangul correctly! They were really silly like, “How are you” and stuff like that. hahaha.

If you end up making Valentines to swap, you can print 2 or 4 of these to one page and cut them for smaller, shareable, “cards.” I printed a few out on heavier colored paper to give them a more festive feel.

Will you swap Valentines this year?

Download your printable Valentine coloring page here.

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