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Korean Culture Cuties Deco Stickers

Korean Culture Cuties Deco Stickers

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대한민국! (dae-han-min-guk) 👏👏👏👏👏

These cuties are back and celebrating all things Korean culture. 

This set features

  • 김치 (kim-chi) 
  • 무궁화 (mu-gung-hwa) Korea's national flower
  • 태극기 (tae-geug-gi) the Korean flag
  • 한복 (han-bok)
  • 태권도 taekwondo
  • 사물놀이 (sa-mul-nor-I) drummer

Every pack includes 6 vibrant stickers. Each sticker measures roughly 2"x1.5" on glossy sticker paper.

Stickers are lots of fun for all ages. But, please keep an eye on little ones under the age of three.

Designed and printed in Jersey City, NJ.

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