2022 Seollal Printables

Lunar New Year is just around the corner (February 2nd!) We are a mixed family and have a few ways we get to celebrate. When it comes to Korean holidays, I sometimes feel a bit like a newbie, apprehensively dipping my toes in the water. I spend a lot of time worrying, “what is authentic? what is appropriate?” But, the more I’ve gotten to know this community, the more I’ve learned that even the most “Korean of Korean” families have their own quirks and traditions! There is no “right” way to “be Korean.” ?

I love discovering the history, culture, and traditions alongside my son. We have some books (Korean Celebrations by Tina Cho) and blogs (Korean4MyKids) we love learning from. And, I wanted to contribute my own printables to give families even more ways to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!!!

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[ Yut Nori | Kite Flying | Seollal Foldable Card | Rice Cake Dumpling Soup | Big or Small Sorting Activity ]


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