Under the Sea Slide & See 속가락 놀이책 바닷속 동물

We’ve had this in our library for a while, now. I believe it was one of my earliest K-Town purchases. (Possibly, during my pregnancy?) This was one of those books that was shrink wrapped, so I couldn’t get a look at it until after I bought it.

I was kind of disappointed when I got home because, as you can see from my photo, there is not much Korean. I went to my friend’s house and she had the English edition and we were laughing over how the whole book is just sound effects.

But, actually, I’ve come to appreciate this. Each page has a range of Korean onomatopoeias. Which, if you’re like me and have only gained Korean through traditional educational settings, they’re totally foreign! So, it’s been great familiarizing myself with these sounds and playful words. The book itself has been a pretty consistent hit with my son. Even now, close to two-years-old, he grabs this and enjoys the interactive pages.

This is an Usborne Korea book. So, it’s very easy to get the English edition if you want to compare or get a preview of what you can expect from the Korean version.

It definitely made me feel my Korean language shortcomings. I had to look up the words for a lot of the sea life. But, not because they’re exotic animals. ? It’s just my vocabulary level…

Either way, we have a lot of fun looking at this, talking about the animals, and making the sounds together.

Do you have any favorite onomatopoeia books? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading. – Katie

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