Pattern Matching Activity

As the temperatures drop, we’ve been spending more time indoors. I thought this would be a fun activity and a great way to practice some new vocabulary. Depending on your child’s age, there are a few ways you can use these.

Coloring plus Narration

For us, (23 months) he’ll probably just color and scribble while I all out the shapes he is decorating.

Matching the Patterns

You can review the patterns together on the 무늬 (mu-nui) Pattern page. Then, as your child colors the 양말 (yang-mal) Socks page, see if they can match the patterns and color pair by pair.

Pattern Bingo

After your child colors the patterns on the 무늬 (mu-nui) Pattern page, cut out the tiles. (If your child is old enough, let them do the cutting – with adult supervision, of course!) Fold the pattern squares up and place them in a box or basket. Draw them randomly and ask your child to color the corresponding pattern on the 양말 (yang-mal) Socks page. You’ll have to put each pattern back into the basket once to make sure you get each pair of socks. If you have these patterns on any socks, you can use those for the bingo pull!

Scavenger Hunt

Use the Pattern page and have your child look for these patterns around your house. Color each square as you find them.

Here are some phrases you can use for these activities.

____무늬가 어디예요? mu-nui-ga eo-di-ye-yo

Where is the ____ pattern?

____무늬를 찾아봐요. mu-nui-reul chaj-a-bwa-yo

Try to find ____ pattern.

찾았다! 찾았어요! chaj-att-da cha-jas-seo-yo

You found it!

Download the Socks Activity Page and the Patterns Activity Page.

Did you try this activity? I would love to hear if you put your own spin on the games.

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