New Year’s Bow

As an adoptee, I really love learning about all the different customs and traditions in Korean culture. 세배 (se-bae) is the special bowing at New Year to show respect and wish older family members a happy new year. Customarily, the phrase 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (sae-hae bok man-hi bad-eu-se-yo) is used to wish a Happy New Year. You might also receive 세뱃돈 (se-baet-don) or sebae money afterward.

The 절 (jeol) or bow of 세배 (se-bae) actually seems a little complicated and there are traditionally different ways to do it depending on gender. And, I thought this would be a really fun way to practice sequence and counting.

  1. Download and print the pages. (These fit best on letter-sized paper – 8.5×11″ and “print to fit” if possible.)
  2. Color the activity sheet.
  3. Cut out the rectangles. (Scissors should always be used with adult supervision!)
  4. Have your little one read the numbers or count the dots to put them in order.
  5. Be sure to share your work and tag @tigerboomcreative on social.

Download the Printables

8.5 x 11″ Letter Paper

[ Boy | Girl ]

How do you celebrate Seollal? I love hearing about every family’s different traditions. I hope you enjoy this activity. Thanks for reading. – Katie

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