Dumpling Mart | Pretend Play with Korean Food

Some of you already know I grew up as the only asian person within a 200 mile radius. At least, that’s what it felt like. And, honestly, it was probably true. Life pre-internet made inclusion and representation feel so unimaginable. It was virtually non-existent. All I had to cling to were my idols Kristi Yamaguchi and Mulan. (Kristi forever.)

That means my enthusiasm for toys highlighting asian culture is massively ramped up. But, this is one shop that doesn’t need my boosted excitement. Dumpling Mart features beautifully hand-crafted felt dumplings (and soup dumplings!) And, yes, it is worth following on Instagram for drool-worthy dumpling content and special seasonal offerings (like my favorite felt song-pyeon!)

(Image courtesy of Dumpling Mart)

My little guy has recently started enjoying cooking in his once ignored play kitchen. (YES! Achievement unlocked!) With Seollal just around the corner, I love watching him make Rice Cake Dumpling Soup which includes acrylic Ddeok pieces. 12-year-old me loves the fact that I can offer him food that represents our cultural background. Two-year-old him just loves playing with the cute and fun food.

Thank you so much, Dumpling Mart!

This post is not-sponsored. I genuinely love this shop, the care and heart they put into their work, and wanted to share.

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